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Looking for a tailored aircraft charter solution no matter where you're headed or how many people are in your group? We've got you covered. Our bespoke options are designed to meet all of your specific flying needs. 

Get efficient and comfortable air travel for groups of all sizes. Whether it's a crucial game, an essential meeting, or a high-profile event, we have the expertise and resources to get your group where it needs to be.

Looking for a group charter flight? The Active Charter web app simplifies the process. It's a pay-per-use plan. Click on the below tab to sign up. Just create your trip and the app will search for relevant aircraft. Browse the available options and choose the one that best suits your needs. Contact directly with the operator or broker, allowing you to easily get a quote and book your flight.  


To learn about the pricing for this pay-per-use plan, click on the below tab to sign up and navigate to the "About" section in the top menu. There, you'll find detailed information on the pricing structure.

private jet luxury travel experience

Luxurious And Affordable

Find the perfect private charter to accommodate your group size and budget by directly connecting with the air charter operator. Ensure Safe and lavish travel.

Travel on your own terms. Group air Charter


When it comes to group private jet charters, you're in charge. Define your take-off schedule, designate your preferred direction, and select the aircraft type that suits you best.



Experience VIP treatment at the airport with a designated terminal, bypass long lines and enjoy exclusive access to a private lounge. Indulge in delicious appetizers and drinks before boarding your private charter flight.

Types of Group Travel

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