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Active Charter

The app that connects you with active aircraft and empty leg flights for your air charter trip and helps you monetize empty legs by pushing them to the Insta Charter network as a charter broker.

Active Charter

Why should you choose Active Charter?

Seamless Charter Flight Search & Matching

Find Active Aircraft Quickly

Find active aircraft from the air charter marketplace. Get in direct contact with sellers for charter flight booking.

Empty Leg Opportunities

Find empty-leg flights on our platform or post them to make your empty legs visible on Insta Charter Network.

Easy Search and Match

Finding aircraft is made easy with our simplified search and match engine. Get the best matches for your charter trips.

Quick Price Estimates

Get the estimated price for your air charter trip with private jet charter cost estimator tool.

Simple Interface

Active Charter has a user-friendly interface that enhances the ease of use and Charter booking process for you.

Pay per action

Pay only for the actions you take, ensuring cost-effectiveness and transparency in private jet booking.

How does it work?

ACTIVE CHARTER- how does it work_.png

Finding Active Aircraft:

Here's how Active Charter works, explained step-by-step:

Finding Active Aircraft:

  1. Search: Enter your air charter trip details (departure, arrival, date, etc.).

  2. Results: Active Charter shows you two sets of results:

    • Active Aircraft: These are recently flown private jet charter aircraft that are more likely to be available for your private air charter trip.

    • Matching Empty Leg Flights: Discounted charter flights with unsold seats that fit your flight route (if available).

  3. Details: For each result, you'll see details like:

    • Aircraft tail number and type.

    • Operator details (if not brokered).

    • Seller details (if it's a brokered flight).

  4. Estimate Price: Get a quick idea of potential costs using the built-in price estimation tool.

  5. Contact: If you find a good option, use the provided contact details (operator or broker) to inquire further.

Posting Empty Legs (For Anyone):

  1. Verification: Verify your phone number to post empty legs.

  2. Post Details: Enter information about your empty-leg charter flight, including schedule and details.

  3. Network Exposure: Your empty leg gets broadcasted to the entire Insta Charter network.

  4. Brokered Tag: Whenever a broker post empty legs,  those charter flights will be marked as "brokered". 

Pay-Per-Use System:

  • Active Charter uses a credit system.

  • You get free credits to start and explore.

  • Each action (search, estimate, contact details, posting empty leg) uses one credit.

  • Additional credit packs can be purchased for a cost-effective experience.

Overall, Active Charter offers a user-friendly platform for individuals and small businesses to find the perfect charter flight or advertise empty-leg charter flights. The focus on active aircraft and the pay-per-use system make it a convenient and budget-conscious option.


Search & Match

Find charter flights with empty legs that match your route.​

Empty Legs

Post transient availabilities & empty legs to a network of interested flyers.

Estimate Price

Get quick Price Estimates for your private air charter trip.

Flight Details

See everything in one place: flight time, private aircraft details.

Real-Time Status

We only display active aircraft for your private jet charter trip.

Seller Details

After getting matches, view the seller's details and connect with them directly.

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