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Experience the convenience of on-demand jet charter services where you only pay for what you fly and enjoy unmatched flexibility with personalized services. Chartering jets on demand offers a cost-effective and flexible way to enjoy private flying. Experience the market's most flexible aircraft access method by chartering a jet on demand.  Let us help you plan your next private jet charter and deliver unparalleled convenience and flexibility.


Experience the ultimate travel freedom with on-demand charter flights. With a personalized jet charter, you have unparalleled control over your itinerary and schedule. Enjoy the flexibility of flying on-demand without any worry of blackout days or limited booking options. Whether it's a planned vacation or a last-minute business meeting, an on-demand charter flight allows you to fly whenever you want, wherever you want. Your travel needs are our top priority, making on-demand flights the most convenient way to travel today. Connect directly with charter operators for on-demand private jet charter.

Are you looking for on-demand charter flight? Try Active Charter by Insta Charter. Find last-minute private jet & empty leg flights. Pay per Use.


Active Charter is your one-stop solution for finding private jet flights.  Here's what makes unique:

  • Empty Leg Deals:  Active Charter helps you find these empty legs, potentially saving you money on your private jet experience. Active Charter displays these empty-leg flights in your search results, so you don't need to jump into multiple platforms.

  • Last-Minute Travel: Need to get somewhere on short notice? Active Charter allows you to search for last-minute private jet flights that fit your schedule.

  • Pay-Per-Use Convenience: Active Charter offers a pay-per-use system. This means you only pay when you take action. They provide a set number of credits to get you started.

  • Credits for Every Step: Each action you take consumes one credit. This includes searching for flights, getting estimated prices, and even obtaining contact information for air charter operators or brokers.

  • Direction Connection: When you find a match you can connect directly with charter operators and brokers.

Here's a breakdown of how credits work:

  • 1 Credit: Search for Flights (Narrow down your options based on origin, destination, and date)

  • 1 Credit: Estimate Price (Get an idea of the potential cost for your trip)

  • 1 Credit: Get Contact Details (Connect directly with jet operators or brokers)


With Active Charter, you have complete control over how you use your credits, allowing you to find the perfect private jet solution without any upfront commitment. Start with free credits.   

Pay as you fly- Fly in luxury and convenience with on-demand jet charter services. Pay-as-you-fly pricing offers hassle-free and flexible travel with no upfront commitment.


Experience seamless and stress-free private jet travel with an on-demand charter service. Benefit from pay-as-you-fly pricing, eliminating upfront commitments. Enjoy the luxury and flexibility of private jet travel tailored to your needs, whether it's a cross-country journey or a short city hop. Your hassle-free solution awaits.

Experience ultimate flexibility with on-demand jet charters. Choose from various private charter flight types & dates, with no minimum notice requirements for booking.


Experience unparalleled flexibility with a variety of jet options tailored to your travel needs. Enjoy the freedom of choosing from multiple dates without strict flight schedules. Unlike private jet card programs, on-demand charter operators require just a few hours' notice, providing you the freedom to plan your travels effortlessly.

Get personalized private jet services that cater to your unique air charter travel needs. Charter operators provide exceptional service tailored to you for an unforgettable journey.


Experience a personalized air charter service with enhanced accessibility to flight crew and pilots. Direct interaction allows passengers to provide feedback and make real-time adjustments to the flight plan. This ensures a bespoke travel experience, catering to individual preferences and fulfilling specific needs seamlessly.

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