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How to Fill Empty Leg Flights?

Updated: Feb 26

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Introduction: Empty Leg Flights for Operators

In private aviation, there's an opportunity that air charter operators can leverage – Empty Leg Flights. These flights offer operators the chance to turn unoccupied trips into profitable ventures, directly impacting their bottom line.

However, it's not just about flying empty legs; it's also about making them visible to a global audience of potential clients. That's where Insta Charter steps in to help.

How Insta Charter Provides Global Visibility for Empty Leg Flights

Empty Leg Flights on Insta Charter
Deals in Search Results

Relevant Matches: Maximizing Visibility

Insta Charter's approach to connecting operators with potential clients is based on aircraft, not just company names.

This means that when a trip aligns with your empty leg, your aircraft will be prominently displayed under the "Deals" section on the matches page.

This way, operators can be certain that their empty legs are getting the attention they deserve.

Direct Quote Requests: Streamlined Communication

Once a client discovers an aircraft that suits their needs, they can view the operator's company details and contact information and send a quote request directly to the operator.

This direct line of communication eliminates any third-party involvement. It's a straightforward and efficient way to connect with potential travelers.

Easy Empty Leg Scheduling: Operator-Friendly

Insta Charter makes it easy for operators to schedule their empty legs. By filling in a few essential details under their profile, operators can effortlessly make their empty legs available in the air charter marketplace.

This user-friendly approach streamlines the process, ensuring that empty-leg flights are not only profitable but also accessible to a global audience of travelers.


Insta Charter is not just a platform; it's a partner for operators and brokers in the world of empty-leg flights.

By emphasizing relevant matches, direct communication, and simple scheduling, Insta Charter helps operators take full advantage of the potential of empty-leg flights, transforming what could be a missed opportunity into a profitable venture.

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