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Empty leg flights are flights with pre-defined departure, destination and timings. Insta Charter simplifies listing and finding these empty legs for air charter businesses.  


Charter Operators can effortlessly schedule their empty-leg flights from Single Point or by posting empty legs manually and can get them featured in the Insta Charter Network i.e. 'Single Point', 'The Market App' and 'Active Charter App'.


Charter Brokers can view the best and most relevant matches for their client’s air charter trip in Single Point Search or while searching in the Active Charter App. These will be marked under 'Schedule' in the Single Point search.

private jet empty leg flights


Private jet empty-leg availabilities provide a significant cost advantage, allowing travelers to experience luxury and comfort at an affordable price. As private jets need to reposition themselves between flights, these empty legs can be availed by air charter travelers at reduced rates, providing an opportunity for those who are flexible with their travel plans to save on costs. 

empty leg charter flights


 With its vast cabins, plush seating and personalized private jet charter services, private jet travel offers unparalleled comfort that cannot be matched by commercial airlines. Plus, with the added advantage of empty-leg charter flights, you can relish the ample space and comfort of larger private aircraft, making your travel journey more enjoyable. 

Unlocking the potential of empty legs is crucial in ensuring an all-encompassing private jet experience.


Private jet travel delivers a high level of privacy, even when it comes to empty-leg flights. By being the sole passengers on the flight, travellers can enjoy complete privacy & security, which is especially advantageous for business travellers who may need to work or conduct confidential meetings while in transit. 

Why should you choose Insta Charter for Empty Legs?



Real-Time Monitoring

Insta Charter's platform is equipped with real-time data monitoring. This means the platform is constantly updating private jet charter flights and identifying instances where an aircraft is flying empty to reposition for its next charter. 


Instant Data Availability

When an empty-leg flight becomes available that matches your desired route or destination, Insta Charter Single Point will promptly show you. This ensures that you are among the first to know about these cost-efficient travel opportunities.


Easy Access to Options

Through the platform, you gain access to a wide array of available empty-leg charter flights. This gives you the flexibility to choose charter flights that align with your schedule and travel preferences.


Seamless Connecting Process

Once you've identified an empty-leg flight that suits your needs, Insta Charter simplifies the connecting process. You can quickly send quote requests to the air charter operators and get quotes from operators. You can establish direct connections with operators. 


Global Reach

Insta Charter has a global reach that spans diverse regions and destinations. With access to over 4000 aircraft,  whether you're seeking a departure from a bustling metropolis, a tranquil island getaway, or any destination in between, Insta Charter's network ensures that you can explore a wide array of available empty-leg flight options. 

 Effortless Empty Leg Postings!



Easy Scheduling 

Effortlessly schedule your empty-leg charter flights from Single Point. With Insta Charter's user-friendly platform, you can input the details of your empty leg flights, including departure and arrival locations, dates and other pertinent information. This information is then presented to a broad base of charter broker on single point who are actively seeking air charter trips for their clients. 


Increase Profitability

The ability to easily post your empty legs on Insta Charter is a powerful tool for enhancing your charter business's efficiency and profitability. It capitalizes on technology to match supply with demand, ultimately benefiting both private jet charter operators and clients. It's a win-win scenario to provide clients with accessible and attractive travel options.



Insta Charter's platform provides transparency and convenience. Interested air charter brokers can view your empty-leg offerings, assess the details, and promptly make inquiries or bookings. This direct interaction reduces unnecessary intermediaries and ensures a smooth communication process between you and potential customers.

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