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Air Charter Broker Software for your Air Charter Needs

Air Charter Broker Software

What is an Air Charter Broker Software?

Air Charter Broker Software is designed for air charter brokers to streamline all their charter operations from a single screen so that they do not need to use multiple software to complete a deal from the start to end. 

Insta Charter provides charter tools tailored for air charter brokers. With Insta Charter, you can get quick price estimates, find matching empty legs and active aircraft, create contracts, and generate multiple charter quotes in minutes. It’s an all-in-one business aviation software that simplifies private air charter search, charter flight quotes, CRM, scheduling, fleet, and crew management for brokers and operators

Why do Brokers need Business Charter Software?

Air charter brokers encounter various challenges in their day-to-day operations, impacting their efficiency and profitability. Here are some common challenges faced by air charter brokers:

Limited Visibility: One of the significant challenges for air charter brokers is the limited visibility into aircraft availability and pricing. Brokers often struggle to access real-time information on available aircraft, leading to inefficiencies in matching client requirements with suitable flights.

Manual Processes: Many air charter brokers rely on manual processes for tasks such as quoting, generating charter documents, calculating flight time etc. This manual approach is time-consuming, error-prone, and hinders brokers' ability to handle a high volume of charter requests efficiently.

Price Transparency: Brokers often struggle with price transparency in the air charter market. The absence of standardized pricing models and the complexity of pricing factors make it challenging for brokers to provide accurate quotes to clients, leading to pricing discrepancies and potential client dissatisfaction.

Competition: The air charter industry is highly competitive, with numerous brokers vying for clients and aircraft availability. Brokers face stiff competition from both traditional competitors and emerging digital platforms, requiring them to differentiate their services and offerings to attract and retain clients.

Customer Expectations: Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is crucial for air charter brokers to maintain client satisfaction and loyalty. However, managing client expectations regarding pricing, availability, and service quality can be challenging, especially when faced with unforeseen circumstances or operational constraints.

Addressing these challenges requires air charter brokers to adopt solutions and technologies tailored to the specific needs of the industry.

So, what important features should be present in the business aviation software?

  • Air Charter Marketplace- A software that provides you with the air charter marketplace from where you can source aircraft, connect with the operators, get information about last location of the aircraft. This can help brokers in managing all of their charter business easily.

  • Efficiency: Air charter software streamlines various processes involved in chartering flights, such as quoting, invoicing, and customer management. This efficiency saves time and resources for brokers, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

  • Generating Documents: An efficient software helps brokers to generate documents like quotes, itineraries within minutes. This helps them in saving their time and makes it error free. 

  • Customer Relationship Management: A good software will help the brokers to manage their client's information and use that information while generating documents. So that everything can be accessed from the same software. 

  • Calculations: Having a price estimate ready with some clicks can help air charter brokers to give a lump sum amount to their clients while not disturbing the operators. 

  • Data on Airports- Having data of airport is essential for brokers so that they can access the important information that might help them in their work

Overall, air charter software is essential for brokers to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, optimize resource management, ensure compliance, and gain actionable insights for business success.

What does Insta Charter provides for Air Charter Brokers?

Insta Charter provides business aviation software for both air charter brokers as well as air charter operators. The following are some of the features that Insta Charter provides for charter brokers-

Global Air Charter Marketplace

A Marketplace with over 10,000 aircraft, with 6,000 of them actively available. The search function within Single Point allows you to find matching empty legs and base availability. Contact details for operators are displayed in the search results, allowing you to make requests directly through the app or via other means.

Active Aircraft

The search results are filtered by the Aircraft that are active in flying, i.e. they have been flying recently. You can also view the area where the Aircraft was seen recently and the number of flights it has carried out in the recent past.

Create Quotes within minutes

Quickly create detailed and professional charter quotes for your clients in just a few clicks. Plus, you can add pictures of the aircraft to make the plans look more attractive. Our software automates the process, so you can focus on other parts of your air charter business.

Simple Invoicing:

With Single Point Brokers, you can generate professional invoices in minutes. This saves you time and ensures your clients receive their invoices promptly and accurately.

Flight Time Calculator and Price Estimator

With our Flight Time Calculator, you can determine the duration of a flight between two airports for any of the 300+ aircraft models available in the application. Additionally, you can factor in wind effects and customize routes to avoid specific countries or Flight Information Regions.

Our Price Estimator allows you to get an estimate of the charter price for your trip based on the aircraft category.

Airport Data and Directory

Access airport data of more than 13,000 Airports and Air Strips. Important information such as Runway lengths, elevation, current NOTAMs, METAR and FBO data is derived from this database and can be used at relevant places in your workflows.

Customizable Documents:

All the documents you create with Single Point Brokers can be customized to fit your brand. This means your brand will always stand out. Insta Charter also gives a complete white- label solution for all aviation charter needs.


You have the option to translate your templates into different languages according to your choice. The document generator then converts your document into the selected language, providing you with a PDF in your preferred language.

Team Settings

If you have a workflow that requires Team functions and has approval levels, your app can be customized for that. Your organization can function like a team with three levels of control - Users, Approvers and Administrator. 

To discover all the features and benefits of our business charter software, schedule a demo today!

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