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Private Jet Charter Lead Generation Software

Updated: May 11

Private Jet Charter Lead Generation Tool

Do you know how many of your private charter leads are slipping away unnoticed from your private jet charter platform?

When visitors land on your private jet charter platform and find no available options, they often leave, taking their potential business with them. 

It's a missed opportunity that could have translated into revenue and growth for your charter business. But you need not worry because Insta Charter's ‘The Market ’ turns those missed opportunities into revenue-generating leads.

What is -‘The Market’?

The Market is a Private Jet Charter Lead-Generation Tool.

When visitors arrive on your platform seeking private jet charter services, their expectations are high. They would look for charter flights that can fulfill their requirements. However, if they do not find any available options, they are most likely to bounce off your site and explore other alternatives. That's where the ‘The Market’ comes into play.

By embedding 'The Market' on your platform, you provide visitors with instant access to available active aircraft options. This means that visitors can find relevant results and make inquiries directly through your site. 

But the benefits don't end there. Not only does 'The Market' enhance the user experience on your platform, but it also opens up new revenue opportunities for your business. By connecting visitors with active aircraft, you can capture leads that would have otherwise slipped away and monetize them through direct inquiries and bookings.

What are the features that make ‘The Market’ stand out?

The Market App

Customization- The whole app is customizable. This means we customize- 

  1. Search Result: If you want to show only those aircraft that are in your database, we can customize it for you. 

  2. Price Estimate: We provide a price estimate button in search results. If you want to remove that button, or add some margins and then show the estimate we can customize that for you as well.

  3. Theme: If you want to change the theme and color of the app as per your brand, we can do that. 

  4. Whitelabel: We come with a complete white-label solution. 

Active Aircraft- We provide you with the search result that is based on active aircraft. We have around 5700+ active aircraft on our platform. By Active aircraft we mean, only those private aircraft will figure in search that have been flying in the past 30 days. 

What We Offer for Your Charter Business?

Instant Access to Available Aircraft: Provide visitors with instant access to available aircraft options.

Easy Integration: Easily embed ‘The Market’ on your platform to enhance the user experience and capture leads. Use it as a link or Publish it on the App Store and Play Store as your app.

Revenue Opportunities: Monetize leads that would have otherwise been lost by enabling direct inquiries and bookings through your site.

In conclusion, 'The Market' upgrades the private jet charter lead generation process, ensuring that no opportunity slips through. By providing instant access to available aircraft and enhancing user experience, it empowers charter brokers to capture valuable leads and maximize revenue potential. With its customizable features and seamless integration.

We also provide other charter business aviation solutions for charter brokers and air charter operators. 

Schedule a demo to know more.

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