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Empty Leg Flight

Source Active aircraft from more than 13000 aircraft globally through Insta Charter’s marketplace. Get matched empty leg flights with your trip and connect with air charter operators directly. 

Finding empty leg flights isn't difficult. A quick Google search will show many platforms offering information on available empty legs. However, the challenge is finding empty legs that are truly relevant to your needs. For example, if you need a flight from Dubai to Italy and find an empty leg from Dubai to Rome, it's not helpful.

Even if you find a relevant empty leg, contacting the operator can be a hassle. Typically, you have to fill out a form, and then your inquiry often disappears into the void. This frustrating process makes it seem like empty legs are hard to find.

But the truth is, empty legs aren't hard to find—you might just be looking in the wrong places.

In this blog, we'll cover:

  • What are Empty Leg Flights?

  • How do they benefit Charter Brokers and Air Charter Operators in the private aviation industry?

  • How to get an Empty Leg Flight?

  • What solution does Insta Charter provide?

Let’s start with the first question. 


Empty leg flights, also known as dead head flights, are private jet flights that operate without passengers on their return leg or when repositioning to a new destination for their next booking. These flights offer opportunity for travelers to experience private jet travel at a reduced cost.

How They Work:

The concept of empty leg flights arises from the logistics of private jet operations. When a private jet is chartered for a one-way trip, the aircraft needs to return to its base or reposition to another location to pick up its next set of passengers. These segments of the journey, which would otherwise fly empty, are marketed as empty leg flights. Operators offer these flights at a discount to avoid the inefficiency and cost of flying without passengers.

For example, if a private jet is chartered from New York to Miami, but its next booked trip is from Miami to Los Angeles, the leg from New York back to Miami is an empty leg. To make the most of this situation, the operator will offer this empty leg flight at a reduced rate to attract travelers.

One-Way Empty Legs:

These occur when a private jet is booked for a one-way trip. The return journey, or the leg to the next destination, is offered as an empty leg. For instance, if a jet is hired to fly passengers from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the trip back to Los Angeles would be an empty leg.

Repositioning Empty Legs:

These happen when an aircraft needs to move to a different location to meet the requirements of its next booked flight. For example, if a jet is scheduled to pick up passengers in Chicago but is currently in Dallas, the flight from Dallas to Chicago would be a repositioning empty leg.

Short-Notice Empty Legs:

Sometimes, empty leg flights are available on short notice due to last-minute changes or cancellations. These can offer even greater savings but require travelers to be flexible with their schedules and destinations.

Long-Haul Private Jet Empty Legs:

These are less common but can occur on longer routes. For instance, a private jet chartered from London to New York may offer an empty leg on the return flight to London.

What are the Benefits of Empty Leg Flights?

Cost Effective:

One of the most compelling benefits of empty leg flights is the significant cost savings they offer. Travelers can often save up to 75% compared to the standard charter rates. This is because operators prefer to have someone on board rather than flying the aircraft empty, and they are willing to offer these flights at a fraction of the usual cost.

Luxury Experience:

Despite the lower cost, empty leg flights do not compromise on the luxurious experience associated with private jet travel. Passengers still enjoy the same high-quality amenities and services as they would on a full-price charter. 

Negotiation with air charter operators:

Moreover, some operators may be willing to negotiate the schedule and routing of an empty leg flight to better align with the traveler’s plans, provided it still meets the operational requirements of the aircraft. This added layer of flexibility can make empty leg flights an even more attractive option for those seeking both savings and convenience.

How to Get an Empty Leg Private Jet Flight?

1. Use Dedicated Platforms:

Online Marketplaces: Platforms like Insta Charter specialize in listing empty leg flights. 

2. Follow Social Media Pages for Empty Leg Alerts

Insta Charter publishes the empty legs that are available on their platform. Join Groups and Forums and engage in aviation and travel forums where members share information about empty leg opportunities and other travel tips.

3. Contact Charter Brokers:

Broker Services: Charter brokers have extensive networks and access to empty leg flights. Contact a reputable broker who can help you find and negotiate the best deals.

Charter Brokers can use Insta Charter to find empty leg flights. 

 What solution does Insta Charter Provide? 

Insta Charter simplifies the search for empty leg flights by matching your trip requirements with all available options in the global air charter marketplace. When you populate your trip details, and if there is an empty leg available, the search result matches it up and present it to you. This process eliminates the need to manually search through each available flight, helping you quickly find the best match for your travel needs.

For Air Charter Brokers, Insta Charter also provides operators details from where you can directly get in contact with the operator and finalize the deal. 

Charter Operators can effortlessly schedule their empty-leg flights from Single Point or by posting empty legs manually and can get them featured in the Insta Charter Network.

If you would like to see, how our marketplace actually works- Schedule a demo today!

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