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Air Charter Brokers

Streamline your air charter operations with our all-in-one platform! Share bulk quote requests to a wide range of operators simultaneously, saving you valuable time and effort. Source active aircraft that perfectly match your client's needs, and access detailed operator information for informed decision-making. Plus, get instant price estimates and flight time, ensuring transparent pricing for your clients. Our platform even matches empty-leg flights that align with your client's itinerary, potentially offering significant cost savings.




Insta Charter's Private Jet Flight Cost Calculator calculates reliable price estimates for private jet charter trips based on trip details, considering factors like aircraft category and flight distance. This ensures that air charter brokers can efficiently provide clients with quick information.


Get Your Prospects using 'The Market'. A web application designed for air charter brokers to generate air charter leads. Enable visitors to explore and book charter flights directly through your website.

How Insta Charter can benefit Air Charter Brokers?

With Insta Charter, you have the ultimate power to curate the perfect private jet charter trip for your clients. Effortlessly create personalized private air charter trips and submit an air charter quote request to connect directly with sellers for a seamless and tailored experience. Say goodbye to juggling between multiple charter brokers and sharing commissions. You can create as many air charter trips as you wish and find relevant private aircraft perfectly suited to your client's needs. 

What's More?

Generate Leads

With 'The Market' you can effortlessly generate air charter leads. Get direct query in your mailbox.


Streamlined workflow through the Single-point platform for  itinerary, quote and invoice creation.             

Aircraft Status

See currently active aircraft in one place. Make well-informed decisions when connecting with the appropriate operators.

Secure Data Storage

Insta Charter ensures the security of client data. Safely store customer information with enhanced security measures.

Ease of Communication

Establishing direct communication with air charter operators is now effortlessly achievable.


As an Air Charter Broker, you have the flexibility to perform any number of calculations or searches or requests. There are no usage based restrictions.

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