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Empty Leg Flights

Updated: Feb 28

Private Jet Charter

Empty Leg Flights are the best opportunity for air charter operators and charter brokers as well. Insta Charter makes listing empty-leg flights and finding those empty legs easy. 

In this article, we unveil how Insta Charter's 'Schedule' feature helps buyers secure exclusive private jet charters at more cost-effective prices, redefining the landscape of luxury travel.

Suppose you are an air charter broker who is planning a trip from Place A to Place B, where low-priced aircraft options are a priority. Once your trip details are set, our app showcases available empty leg flights as exclusive 'Schedule' on the matches page. Seize the opportunity and connect with the operator directly on our platform. 

Empty Leg Flights as Schedule

Schedules helps charter brokers view the best and most relevant matches for their trip. Empty leg flights that align with your trip details take the top stage on the matches page under 'Schedule,' providing easy identification and cost savings for your travel.

An important point to note is-

For Empty leg flights / Transient availability to show in search results, your trip doesn't need an exact match in departure and destination. As long as your trip aligns reasonably in terms of distances and dates, Insta Charter will match the relevant aircraft. 

How it Works:

To see how it works, schedule a demo with us and experience how Insta Charter can make your air charter business easier.

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